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Team 3 - Yesterday's Victory!
by posted 01/29/2023

Hey Players and Parents,


I want to send a quick note saying how proud the coaches are of the team and congratulate the players on their victory yesterday. I seem to be saying this every week, and it’s every week it’s true, but that was the BEST hockey we’ve played. Everyone is improving so much so fast, it’s astounding.


Over the past 4 weeks, we have been matched against the top 3 teams in our division and these teams represent a higher level of hockey. Despite the fact that CM Rev A2 is in 3rd place, in my opinion, they’re the better team out of the three. So yesterday’s win was especially sweet! It just proves that we are a great team and we should feel confident no matter who we play.


While everyone played great, I’d like to highlight a couple of players. First off, our fearless goalie and MVP of the game, Declan Melendy! We can all agree he was on FIRE! He put the team on his shoulders and he earned an incredible shutout. Great job!


Grayson also deserves recognition for playing a great game and scoring the only goal between the two teams. And equally important is the assist delivered by Emmett who’s been a beast in front of the net in recent games. Strong work, you two!


Lastly, I’d like to highlight a player who had the play of the game. The last 3 minutes were nail-biting. When you’re ahead like we were yesterday, it always comes down to those last few minutes when anything can happen. The Revs were pressuring hard and at one point there was a scramble in front. Declan had been pulled out of position and the puck was in the crease and heading toward the net. But SEAN TAYLOR was there supporting his team, defending in front of the net and he managed to knock the puck out of the crease saving a last-minute goal and saving the win. #HERO. Way keep your wits about you and come through with a big play, Sean!


Congrats again team!  See you next week.


Coach Mahlon

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Team 3 - Today's Game
by posted 01/21/2023

Hey Players and Parents,


I wanted to send a note acknowledging the conflicting emotions coming off of today’s game. The first 2 periods of the game were, hands down, THE best hockey I’ve seen this team play. We were physical. We had intensity. We were disciplined. We communicated. From a coach's perspective, it was truly awesome to watch!  But in the 3rd period, despite being in the lead for 35 minutes (2-1), that less-than-tangible pendulum of momentum swung in the other direction and the lead just got away from us (2-4). It stings…


But there was a lot to celebrate today. Despite the loss, Newton was the top seed in the division, and I think we proved that we can beat any team when we have all our elements in place and we perform the way we did today.


Thank you, David, for shouldering the net today. You did a fantastic job and I appreciate your zeal to step up for your team! Let’s also celebrate Dilan’s first goal! His first shift on offense...boom! Way to be there for the rebound. Jeff, way to throw the puck into the upper right!


To that end, because of the progress everyone’s making we can now be more fluid with players on defense and/or offense, which opens more doors for us to try new things. It just goes to show that everyone’s understanding of the game is developing really well…another worthy cause to celebrate.


Everyone stepped up their game today! Great job! Heads high!


See you next week.


Coach Mahlon

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