Jerseys for 2024-2025

Please use the form linked below to share player information and preferences for new jerseys. New reversible jerseys will cost $35 each and be delivered in advance of next season. 

Please note: Except for players coming up from the mite program, new jerseys are not required. If a player would like to use their current jersey for the 24-25 season, they may do so. Midget and 19U players may also purchase a jersey if they do not have one with CYHA number/name from previous seasons.

Number preferences: Player's with numbers already, ordering a new size, will likely be required to continue using their existing number. Just enter your current number in each of the 3 options.

For players that are getting new jerseys please understand that due to the large number of players in the program, we cannot guarantee everyone gets their preferred number. However, please provide 3 options (in priority order) and we will do our best to accommodate.

Numbers and birth year: Numbers must match (even/odd) the players birth year.

Example: A 2015 player (odd birth year) should only provide number preferences that are also odd, such as 5, 23, 67, etc. 

Jersey Information Form

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